Sometimes one learns valuable lessons in life from the most unexpected quarters and the least expected people.  And such lessons become eye-openers and we start looking at things from a totally new and different perspective.


Last weekend my daughter and I stole some time to spend at the Brookefields Mall at Coimbatore. Since our only agenda was spending some time together and definitely not shopping, we ambled around floor after floor, chatting and doing a lot of window shopping.  We reached the mall after a sumptuous lunch at Shri Annapoorna, a multi-cuisine high class vegetarian restaurant at Avinashi Road and hence even casual snacking was not on cards.

As we sauntered leisurely, we heard a rhythm of beats, different from the usual drums and percussion instruments. We reached in front of the place and found that it was a simple corn kiosk which served flavoured steamed corn. A small crowd stood there waiting for their turn and enjoying the cadence.

The Kiosk serving Corn

The vendor, a young man with a charming smile, was inside dishing out the corn cups and it was while making it that he used the ladle, strumming out a kind of kitchen music. We waited to see him in action and needless to say it was fascinating. As a group carried their corn cups and walked away, we impulsively decided to buy a cup of buttered corn. And as he started his chore, we filmed it.

Later we espied another corn seller in another floor – he had a bored countenance and a lethargic persona. No prizes for guessing – there were no customers for him.

What made one a winner and the other a loser? The winner had an attitude – the right attitude and oodles of optimism. His positive attitude gave him power over his circumstances instead of the other way round. He enjoyed his work so much that it was fun, not chore. He smiled often; it was his attitude and verve that made customers flock to him – even those who had no plans to get the stuff from him. We expressed our deep appreciation for his remarkable way of selling his ware and the difference he made to a seemingly mundane task.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” said Winston Churchill. Yes a big, palpable difference this person made was the biggest takeaway for us as we left the mall.


  1. Very true and inspiring!!! Ma’m I will speak about it in one of my staff meetings to motivate my staff. Attitude makes all the difference.


  2. Teacher, I think it’s all about how you look at your work. If you love your work and are passionate about it, it would spill out and enthuse the onlookers and the people associated with you. Unfortunately, majority of the people do a job because they need a job and it shows.

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