TRIM, it is!

Usually I take the end of the year holidays to decide what I should focus on in the New Year. In the course of the year sometimes the focus remains. Sometimes it wavers. Many a time it fades in the hustle and bustle of life. ūüė¶ So this time I decided not to plan anything and take things as they come.

January 1st dawned. A fleeting thought entered my mindscape. What if I go in for a digital detox? I am very active on Facebook and have even started feeling guilty about the time spent in the virtual world, liking, commenting, sharing, wishing and reading links and links within links! Without much ado I posted a note to this effect on my wall informing my friends that in 48 hours I am planning to deactivate my FB account. Keeping my word, I deactivated my account on 3rd January.

Frankly I never thought I would be able to manage more than three days off FB. Yet, I have survived. ūüôā It’s been almost a week now. In fact, it has been a pleasure with this detox of a different kind. Suddenly I find that I have a lot more time at hand. That my yen for reading books has perked up. In fact I don’t miss anything (sorry friends – it’s not meant to hurt you) and have gained quite a lot. I look forward to exciting times ahead indulging in things I love the most.

My one-word-poster

Today I decided to go in for a one word action plan for the year. One word that I will focus on and will change my life this year. TRIM. What am I going to trim? Time spent on things that don’t matter – like living 24*7 in a virtual world of Whatsapp, Facebook ¬†and the like. Trim wireless connectivity 24*7 to may be a limited time once or twice a day. Mindless eating. Trimming is essential here, for my own health and well being. Trim stress and anxiety. Trim the need to get approval from all and sundry. In short live an authentic and enriching life in 2015.

The new year renews all the happiness and good tidings and may your joyful spirit keep glowing in the your heart forever! Happy New Year!!!

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