Sharing Resources

This post is dedicated to all Teachers. In this 21st Century education scenario, there is so much material that is available on the net. My purpose is to share these resources with you so that you can enrich your teaching as well as provide your students a fine learning experience. After all you are dealing with the digital age learner!

Here is a long list of websites you can look into for resources. Each website has other links and you can go on and on into an exploratory journey into how materials can be used in your classroom and weaved into your lesson plan. This and some creativity will surely be a magic wand for you to look at classroom activity and resources in a new light. Explore and make interesting learning connections for students! Good teaching ideas for Primary Teaching ideas which can be used across the curriculum  Printable ESL Kids activities  ASSET exams and other articles on education & teaching  100s of ideas to make EFL / ESL teaching easier & fun. 
Multiple Intelligence – finding out about you. Concept to Classroom. Tapping into Multiple Intelligence  Multiple Intelligence integrated units  Multiple Intelligence teaching tools          Online graphical dictionary  ESL with CALL computer assisted language learning        K-12 teaching & learning  Helping readers reach  For reading & life skills  Link to Revision Checklist: Population dynamics and general  For economics and Business Studies Teaching business studies by example A comprehensive list of sites for teachers A web portal on the best sites for teachers

If there is any link that is broken, please let me know via the comments column. I will endeavour to give you the correct one. 

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