Obamu, Obamu!!!

The Japanese have coined a new word which means persevere with optimism, ignoring all obstacles. And guess what the word is? OBAMU! The Japanese Teachers’ Network in Kitakyushu has been credited with coining the word and its definition, a great hit with the youth especially.

Obamu: (v.) To ignore inexpedient and inconvenient facts or realities, think “Yes we can, Yes we can,” and proceed with optimism using those facts as an inspiration    (literally, as fuel). It is used to elicit success in a personal endeavour. One explanation holds that it is the opposite of the Japanese word kobamu. (which means to refuse, reject, or oppose).

In a complex world ridden with  issues and the media reports (truthful reporting!) sensationalising happenings all over the world, it is natural for people to feel negative and pessimistic. This has always affected people especially youngsters. How can one counter this and move from pessimism to optimism?

One needs to identify adversity. What thoughts or ideas come to mind like recordings played in your head? Be aware of these thoughts. Are they realistic or are they imaginary? What are the consequences of irrational thoughts and fears? Challenge their usefulness.

Thoughts make things. So the key is to entertain positive thoughts. After all we don’t lose anything by entertaining them; and in fact we have everything to gain! So thanks to Obama let’s move on chanting this magical word! 🙂

🙂 …. OBAMU! OBAMU!! Yes, we can! Yes, we can!!